A brief introduction to what it is

Permaculture is designing and approaching our lives whilst making sure we take care of people (including ourselves), the earth and ecosytem and endevour to be fair and moderate with resources so that no-one misses out including future generations.

Permaculture is best understood as a collection of empowering and common sense strategies to help shape the world in an exciting yet sane and stable way.

Instead of using short term, high energy routes that spend energy for not a lot of return we are given a smorgasbord of wise and multi dimensional principles and tools to mimic natural forces and work in synergy with the energy of the world.

We learn so much by working with nature and our own tendencies and harness cycles and bring it to all that we do – be it an arts project, a meal, a family routine or a garden.

Using A Nature Based Pedagogy


Gather impressions

Gather ideas and inspirations

Collect Resources

Gather opinions


Meet your own needs and those of others

Spend time and attention with your project

Make it joyful

Arrange beneficial conditions


What is the fullest manifestation ?

What joy does it bring?

What are the unique characteristics ?


What are the tangible and intangible fruits of your project?

What have you gained as an individual ?

Has your harvest met your needs?


What is the legacy of your project?

What learning could be carried forward ?

What needs to be released?