Hello and welcome to Little Wonder Blog! The voice behind this blog is me, Nicola Hulks, Mum of one based in the south of the UK. Since having my own child, and through my work as an oNicola Hulksrdained minister in the Church of England, I have developed a passion for Children’s spirituality.

Learning more about how children interact with the world and helping them to explore their questions and the world around them has been a growing preoccupation for me, not least because I now have my very own toddler at home who has in equal parts amazed me with his approach to life and challenged me to shake up my own way of being in the world too.

This blog will be, I hope, a space to explore the spiritual world of the child with lots of tips for how to encourage the little people in your life in their explorations. No doubt it will also be a space where we learn a whole lot from children too.

I do hope you find this an interesting and enjoyable place to explore.

Nicola x