Why Wild

In the corner of my front garden there suddenly has appeared a small cluster of sunflower seedlings. These have been seeded by our enthusiastic feeding of the birds over springtime, there is nothing like a flock of enthusiastic birds to warm the heart after a lonely year.

I have decided to keep the Sunflowers and watch them emerge and in that decision have allocated the whole corner of the garden to a wild space all birds, weeds and seeds.

I am halfway through the wonderful Wilding by Isabella Tree and it’s definitely a conundrum in a world where we need land to support so many people to make the decision to keep things wild though the rewards are potentially infinite. And possibly essential.

One thing I know is that, for me, as I suspect is the case with many if not most of us. Wild brings with it an element of hope. To feel part of or witness to something thriving and self perpetuating, beyond our management is a tonic to us. For that reason alone it is enough motivation to let some parts of your land become just a little bit more of itself.

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