Sunshine Apron

There is no doubt that in the making space for your child to explore the world around them things are bound to get a bit messy! I took my son for breakfast the other day and pretty much horrified the cafe owner by allowing him to slurp a bright purple berry smoothie from the cup resulting in a bright purple splattered t shirt. As always seems to be the case when I’m with him getting messy, the person who is least bothered about this is him! I told the cafe owner that it was just nice seeing him have such a great time over his food – and made sure I gave the highchair the good old going over with a baby wipe before I left! Ah, Mum life!

Sometimes, though, it does help to have something to throw over what he is wearing particularly when we are cooking together. He helps by mixing, smooshing things and is a great greaser of tins but also loves throwing ingredients into the air and patting himself with whatever happens to be all over his hands! So I recently made him this little apron which he absolutely adores and now asks to wear when we are in the kitchen.

The pattern for this apron came from Mollie Makes Issue 77 which you can buy back issues over. At the time of writing I also found instructions online for it. The materials needed for it are pretty easy to get hold of but do make sure you buy a sturdy yellow canvas to make the main body of the apron so that it has the right durability (i.e. can withstand the physical adventures of a small kid!) I got the yellow canvas from ebay. You could make it all by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine at home, or you could buy a pre-made apron and attach a smiley face yourself!

I found that sensory and fun things like this really matter to my toddler and as an added bonus, it makes my life a little easier too!!

Thanks for reading!

Nicola x

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