Welcome to Little Wonder!

Have you ever thought to yourself how great it must be to be in the mind of a child? Every time my little boy screams with excitement when he’s sees a bin lorry or notices something that I have completely let pass me by, I am amazed by the world that he lives in.

It’s a world that is more colourful than mine, with more to see and explore, all the things that I have just gotten used to and take for granted that they are there. And it is a world that he is fully present to, completely engaged in, just like how he sucks out very last bit of juice from the cartoon. He take in every detail and he responds to it, unfiltered from the heart. Sometimes that means a big old tantrum. Other times it means laughing at the way a leaf feels tickling his cheek or pointing at the patterns of the light on the floor.

All this is the magical, inner world of the young child. A world where everything is to be discovered and named. Everything is there to be explored. And everything is to be felt, deep down, in great big body zinging emotions. It is a world that I have felt completely privileged to experience as I’ve spend my toddler’s babyhood and early years with him and watched him grow. Sometimes it feels like a world I have no chance of entering, a world that is completely his own. Other times I feel like I am in it with him, feeling the touch of the grass on my legs like it is the first time, being fully in the moment with him.

All this has set me off on a bit of a journey, to discover more about the spiritual world of a child. By this I mean how children are in the world or as Kathryn Copsey, an author on Children’s spirituality puts it, the child’s ‘innate sensitivity to matters beyond and yet within everyday life’. The way children interact with the world is something that we adults, and most of the spiritual traditions of the world, seek after. To be present to the moment, to be lost in wonder and awe, to drop down our barriers and just be ourselves. And children just do it!

As a person of faith I think this brings them into a very special relationship with God. As someone who works with and listens to children talk about their inner lives I never fail to be captivated and impressed by the depth of what goes on in their little hearts. And so I hope this blog will be a space to explore this more. To explore Children’s Spirituality, what it is and how we can nurture it, and to think about practically support our children in this beautiful way of interacting with the world. Who knows, we might learn something for ourselves along the way too!

Thanks for reading!

Nicola x

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