Welcome to Little Wonder Permaculture

Little Wonder Permaculture is based on bringing joy into our environments and honouring our relationship with the natural world. It is little wonder that this approach can make beautiful transformation possible.

I design spaces that echo the wisdom of the natural world for all ages using creative engagement and play.

Permaculture is a blanket term for lots of approaches and methods that all respect the basic ethos of Earth Care, Fair Share and People Care.

“Wonder is: a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.”

Dictionary Definition

I am a permaculture practitioner, horticulture student, gardener, sometime artist and continual mother of three ever-growing children. We all live by the stringent wild North Sea in Scotland.

​For over eight years I have been studying and practicing Permaculture Design and gardening for well over ten.

I also love connecting with people; absorbing divergent ideas, digging in the soil and pottering with discarded objects.

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